The Top 5 Mildly Amusing Things That Revolve Around A Popular Topic You Are Familiar With

Everywhere you look, there’s that one popular topic that is all the rage in news and popular culture right now.  We here at Fancy Bucket decided to do a little quick browsing on the Internet about this popular topic and we found some mildly amusing things relating to it that may make you chuckle or go “wow” before forgetting about it ten minutes later after sending the info along to all your friends.

5. The Heartthrob Everyone Loves That Became Famous Because of This Popular Topic Did Stuff That Normal People Do Before He Was Famous

You know the hot young famous person who is popular enough to have a large fanbase that call themselves something that is somewhat of a portmanteau involving the famous person’s last name?  Well, believe it or not, that person did a bunch of stupid and everyday stuff before he was famous!  He even made fairly embarrassing videos that he posted on a recently discovered YouTube channel that show him doing things pretty much every normal person who isn’t famous would do at that age.

4. Said Heartthrob Also Has Baby Pictures, Just Like Every Other Person

That’s right, Mr. Heartthrob’s parents were normal people and took a buttload of pictures of their child!  As expected, the famous person looks exactly like basically every other white baby from a middle-class family:

But this picture is ten times better than every other baby picture.

3. The Popular Topic Was Originally Going To Be Named Something Similar But Horrible

Everyone knows and loves Popular Topic.  The name is plastered on every street corner, and it’s probably one of the most familiar things in the world, at least according to its fans.  But did you know the creators of Popular Topic, Hip Creator and Socially Inept Co-Creator, were originally going to call it something that’s basically the same but different enough to make people flip out?

That’s right, and here’s the name: Popular Subject.  Can you believe it?  Imagine if everyone’s favorite topic, Popular Topic, was actually Popular Subject right now.  Awful, right?  For some reason it’s completely unimaginable and somehow this tiny change would completely ruin everything.  Good god.  Popular Subject.  Ugh.

2. That Character from that Popular Movie/Television Show/Thing Might Have Been Played by a Different Actor

And How Crazy Would That Be?

The lovable and hilarious character from that popular topic and/or knock-off/sequel of that popular topic is perfect as played by Emmy Award-Winning Actor.  But imagine, if you will, that every classic thing about that character was played out by Emmy Award-Nominated Actor instead.  That would be totally insane, wouldn’t it?  As is usually the case for every character in a big-budget production, tons of other actors were optioned for the role too.  But we’re not even going to tell you about them because it would totally blow your mind.

(The character could have been played by a woman.)

1. Elements of That Popular Movie/TV/Book/Thing Had Already Been Used at Some Point in History, so the Writer is a Hack

Instead of explaining this one, we’ll let you see it for yourself.

Exhibit 1: The opening title to the crappy television series, “Sitcom About A Diverse Group of Friends Who Get into Wacky Misadventures and One of Them Probably Gets Knocked Up At Some Point”, which was produced by the same man who created that popular topic you’re familiar with.

Let the above photograph sink in for a few minutes.  Don’t worry, we’ll wait.  Now, look at this crazy thing right here:

Exhibit 2: The opening title to another crappy television series that premiered a year earlier than the above sitcom and that also has a diverse group of friends but they are a bit older so it’s a bit of a drama because there’s jobs and responsibility and stuff.

It doesn’t take a highly skilled detective to make the connection here.  It isn’t exactly “plagiarism” but this comes pretty dang close to it.  It’s completely baffling that a writer could be so slimy and contemptible that they totally ripped off another idea that they may or may not have actually known about.

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  1. wow would made a satire of cracked youre awesome .. they should post this cracked are awesome too but i find sometimes being so popular on the internet gets to their head

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